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Muster Roll of Company "D".

The Ninty-Ninth Illinois Infantry was formed out of Pike County, from the
city of Florence in August 1962. This information, and the information
on the accompanying pages were taken from the Muster and Discriptive Roll
of the 99th, Company D.

John F. Richards - Captain
William B. Claudy - Captain

Francis M. Dabney - 1st Lieut
William B. Claudy - 1st Lieut
John Bowsman - 1st Lieut

William T. Mitchell - 2d Lieut
William B. Claudy - 2d Lieut
John Bowsman - 2d Lieut

William B. Claudy - 1st Sergt
John Bowsman - Sergt
Leonard G. Burk - Sergt
William G. Hubbard - Sergt
Dennis Badgley - Sergt

Thomas J. Higgins - Corporal
Franklin A. Askew - Corporal
Homer V. Harris - Corporal
Jonathan Winner - Corporal
George W. Sellers - Corporal
James Badgley - Corporal
John M. Hoffman - Corporal
Jared Jessup - Corporal

Askew, Theophilus A. - Private
Allen, Calvin S. - Private
Allen, John R. - Private
Blair, Thomas H. - Private
Baker, Darias - Private
Bentley, John S. - Private
Baine, Andrew H. - Private
Bowers, Henry D. - Private
Blanchard, David S. - Private
Bridgewater, Elias - Private
Barclay, William S. - Private
Brackley, John M. - Private
Croosan, David - Private
Cochran, Thomas - Private
Call, David - Private
Call, Henry - Private
Crim, Henry J. - Private
Chandler, Charles - Private
Cullen, James - Private
Croosan, William - Private
Duffey, Peter - Private
Davis, Henry - Private
Dutcher, Henry - Private
Dudley, Sylvester - Private
Dudley, John G. - Private
Decher, Adam - Private
Dudley, Reuben - Private
Dudley, Jesse - Private
Gay, William - Private
Gates, Theodore W. - Private
Guss, John - Private
Gard, Jasper - Private
Gorton, Thomas E. - Private
Garroute, John - Private
Hall, John A. Jr - Private
Hodges, Nimrod J. - Private
Hankins, Thomas W. - Private
Hagen, Reuben A. - Private
House, Robert - Private
Hall, Granville - Private
Hull, Otis - Private
Jackson, Henry L. - Private
Kerr, John - Private
Lain, Michael - Private
Lippencott, John W. - Private
Louder, Ruben - Private
Lillie, Hiram - Private
McIntire, James - Private
Marlow, John M. - Private
McCauley, Francis - Private
McCartney, Charles - Private
Morrow, Andrew J. - Private
McIntire, Mathew - Private
McMahan, Daniel - Private
McClain, William - Private
Newell, Justin J. - Private
Phennegar, Jacob S. - Private
Parrick, Thomas J. - Private
Plummer, Jerome B. - Private
Rice, Calvin - Private
Rice, Edmond B. - Private
Sellers, Simpson - Private
Smith, Andrew J. - Private
Sackett, Henry A. - Private
Sperry, James C. - Private
Smith, Samuel G. - Private
Tacket, Alexander - Private
Wilkins, Nelson - Private
Woods, Robert C. - Private
Whitehouse, James L. - Private
White, John - Private
Wright, Joseph - Private
Ware, William P. - Private
Williams, Joseph C. - Private
Woodward, Joel - Private
Walker, William H. - Private
Yound, William J. - Private

Chase, Lewis W. - Private
Ellwood, Samuel - Private
Gates, Ezra - Private
Hamilton, Thomas - Private
Johnson, William H. - Private
Tucker, James - Private

Transcribed by Lucinda (White) Wales