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Pike County Marriage Records

Herbert Harold Fox & Lulu Ursela Sackett
Married - July 7, 1901
Photo of Certificate

Daniel W. Rider & Mary A. Robinson
Married - July 2, 1863
Photo of Certificate
Certificate of Record of Marriage - State of Illinois, Pike County
I, V. A. Grimes, Clerk of the County Court of said County, hereby certify that Mr. Daniel W. Rider was married to Miss Mary A. Robinson in said County on the 2nd day of July A. D. 1863 by T. A. Gorton a J. P. duly autherized to solemnize marriages by the Statute of the State of Illinois, as appears by his return and certificate of marriage attached to the license granted therefor by the Clerk of this Court, and now on file in my office. In Witness Whereof, I have hereunto subscribed my name and attached the seal of sad County Court, at my office in Pittsfield this 28th day of Oct A. D. 1898 V. A. Grimes, Clerk of the County, By J. R. Easley

Marriage License - Robert J. WALKER & Amanda EVANS, Pike County, Illinois
To all who shall see these Presents--Greetings: KNOW YE, That license and permission is hereby by granted to any regular MINISTER OF THE GOSPEL, authorized to marry by the church or society to which he belongs; any JUSTICE of the Supreme Court; JUSTICE of any Inferior Court; or JUSTICE of the Peace, to celebrate and certify the Marriage of Mr. Robert J. Walker and Miss Amanda Evans now both of this county, according to the usual custom and Laws of the State of Illinois. WITNESS, HENRY T. MUDD, Clerk of the County Commissioner's Court of Pike County, Illinois; and the seal of said Court being hereunto affixed, at PITTSFIELD, this 27th day of July in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Forty Seven signed Henry T. Mudd, CLERK, STATE OF ILLINOIS, Pike Co.
I HEREBY CERTIFY, That on the 01 day of August A. D. 1847, I joined in holy state of Matrimony, Mr. Robert J. Walker and Miss Amanda Evans according to the usual custom, and the Laws of the State of Illinois. Given under my hand and seal, this 12 day of August, 1847 Signed William N. Taylor, M. M. E. Church, Witness My Hand, This 29th day of Aug. 1905 signed J. M. Watson, Griggsville, Filed for Record this 12 day of Oct. 1905 J. R. Gicker County Clerk
Contributed by Marilyn Morgan

Marriage Record of Breedens
Groom: Clay, David married Bride: Lawson, Mrs. Francis on 01 Feb 1848 Groom: Brown, Lamuel married Bride: Breeden, Elizabeth on 21 May 1840 Groom: Breeden, J. married Bride: Alonzo Barnett, Mary A., on 30 Oct 1877 Groom: Braden, James married Bride: Turnbaugh, Sarah on 15, Sep 1841 Groom: Breeden, James P. married Bride: Shepherd, Eliza on 30 Jun 1842 Groom: Breeden, John married Bride: Stoner, Sarah Ann on 06 Mar 1856 Groom: Breeden, Simpson married Bride: Brown, Hannah on 24 Dec 1846 Groom: Breeding, William L. married Bride: Hume, Eliza on 05 Oct 1837
Contributed by Phillis Hill

Marriage License - Charles W EVANS & Margaret A WADE
State of Illinois MARRIAGE LICENSE The People of The State of Illinois
County of Pike, To any person legally authorized to solemnize Marriage.
GREETINGS Marriage may be celebrated between Mr. Charles W. Evans of
Griggsville in the County of Pike and the State of Illinois of the age of
Twenty Three years and Miss Margaret A. Wade of Griggsville in the County of
Pike and the State of Illinois of the age of Twenty-two years.
Witness E. F. Beirs County Clerk and the seal of said County at his office
in Pittsfield in said County this 20th day of July AD 1878. signed E. F.
Briers County Clerk By ?
State of Illinois ss
I Samson Shinn a Minister of the gospel hereby certify that Mr. Charles W.
Evans and Miss Margaret A. Wade were united in Marriage by me at Bethel
Church in the County of Pike and State of Illinois on the 21st day of July
AD 1878 signed S. Shinn M G M. E. church
Contributed by Marilyn Morgan

Marriage Record of Philip Harper and Menila Tuttle
Philip Harper married Menila Tuttle in Pike Co., IL, 6 Jun 1850
Contributed by Floy Adkisson

John Ray, Jr. & Margaret Huber Married
John RAY JR.(son of John RAY Sr. & Frances FLOYD) married 8 May 1851, Pike Co, Illinois
Margaret HUBER (daughter of Frantz & Saphrona HUBER)
John RAY was a brother of my 2nd great grandfather Thomas RAY
Contributed by Beverly Himes Barger