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Biography of Anderson Kinman

Submitted by: Sandi Evilsizer Koscak

Anderson Kinman was a son of the Reverend Levi Kinman, pioneer settler at Highland, four miles south of Pittsfield, where he entered 80 acres in the west half of the northwest quarter of Section 12, Martinsburg township, on October 11, 1830. He and Joseph Hardin Goodin and Fisher Petty in 1834 joined in donating the ground upon which was erected the first log school house at Highland. Kinman in 1840 deeded this tract to John U. Grimshaw, Pittsfield's earliest druggist, and Crimshaw later deeded it to Samuel Whitley, kinsman of Sarah Whitley who married Samuel Lewis, whose grandson, John Lewis, married Sarah Jane Elledge, an older daughter of Jesse Elledge. Whitley later deeded the ground to Jacob Moomaw.

The Kinmans settled Highland along with the Goodins and Pettys. Rebecca Kinman, who married Hardin Goodin, son of pioneer Robert Goodin and Susan B. McClintock, was a daughter of the Reverend Levi Kinman and a sister of Anderson Kinman who married Anna Maria Elledge. Hardin Goodin and Rebecca Kinman were married March 15, 1835, with his uncle, Justice Joseph Hardin Gooclin, officiating.

Their pioneer settlement was where the Goodin cemetery now is, on the bluffs above Honey Creek. Here Hardin Goodin, with his oxen, Buck and Bright, and a huge barshear plow, broke up the hazel-brush thickets that stood high as the oxen's backs. Robert and Joseph Hardin Goodin, brothers who pioneered at Highland, were sons of Alexander Goodin (born 1762, died 1844) who in 1784 married Jane Hardin (born 1764, died 1832), daughter of the noted Colonel Joseph Hardin of the Indian wars in Virginia North Carolina and Tennessee, who lost three Sons in those wars and who was a contemporary and friend of the father of Samuel Hardin Lewis, the Pleasant Hill pioneer, whose middle name perpetuated the bond of friendship that existed between the families of Lewis and Hardin in early Virginia.

Hardin Goodin and Rebecca Kinman had seven children, namely: James T. who married Eliza Jane Cannon; Margaret Almira, who married John Lee Cannon; Martha Eleanor, who married Thomas Coley; William Alexander, who married Mary Frances Coley; David Barton, whose first wife was Margaret Jeans; Robert Nelson, who died in 1862; and Susan Emma, who married William N. Lee. Two of these children, yet living, are exceedingly old, Mrs. Martha Coley, mother of Myrtle Coley who married Edgar Dale Glandon of Pittsfield, is now in her 99th year, having been born March 4, 1839. Mrs. Emma Lee, the other surviving child, lives at Roswell, New Mexico, and was 82 years old October 28, 1937.

Almira Cannon was the mother of William H. Cannon, once pastor of the Christian church in Pittsfield. William Coodin was the father of Mrs. Ella Stone of Pittsfield, widow of the late Napoleon Bonaparte Stone. David B. Coodin was the father of Benjamin Franklin Goodin, who resides near Pittsield. Other children of Levi Kinman (brothers and sisters of Anderson Kinman who married Anna Maria Elledge) were Thomas Jefferson Kiriman; Lewis Perry Kinman, who married Frances P. Brown October 17, 1861; Rahel Kinman, who married Larkin Bagby in Pike county April 19, 1834, with the Reverend Lewis Allen (a Boone grandson) officiating; William Kinman; Franklin Kinman, who married Malinda Cadwell (sister of Nathan's wife), October 13, 1842, with Jesse Elledge officiating; Ezekiel Kinman, who married Margaret Mahannah, March 4, 1847, with Jesse Elledge officiating; and Sally Mariah, who married John L. Hay May 3,1857, with the Reverend Charles Harrington officiating. Nathan Kinman married as his second wife Mrs. Eliza J. Conkright March 23, 1868.

Levi Kinrnan abided in his latter years between Pittsfield and Griggsville. He died August 7, 1849, leaving a will whose provisions were executed by his sons, William and Nathan. His estate was appraised by John Garrett, Isaac Conkight and John Duran. Anna Elledge Kinman, who was married when 16, (lived three years later at the age of 19, her untimely death occurring on September 18, 1846. Her body was carried to Hinman cemetery and there laid to rest among many of her Boone kindred. Anna's husband, Anderson Kinman, on June 30, 1847 again married, his second wife being Sarah Hinman, a daughter of pioneer George W. Hinman who gave his name to Hinman Prairie.

Anderson Kinman and Sarah Hinman were twice married, their second marriage occurring September 30, 1853, with Justice J. K. Cleveland of Perry officiating. The Reverend William H. Taylor performed the first ceremony. Following their second marriage, Anderson and his wife moved to Knox county, Missouri, and settled there. In Hinman cemetery, adjoining the site of early Kinman Chapel, stands a stone at the grave of the youngest child of the first Baptist preacher in the valley, which bears the following inscription:

"In Memory of Mrs. A. M. Kininan, Consort of A. Kinman and daughter of Rev. J. Elledge, who died Sept. 18, 1846, aged 19 years."

Source Chapter 107.
Joseph Elledge and Marcia Williams descendants; the Nicolays, Kinmans, Goodins History of Pike County, Illinois pg 324-325

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